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Matthew Cowley Wins the SCCA National Championship Runoffs at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (September 30, 2017) – After winning the SCCA Runoffs Formula F championship race, Team Pelfrey’s Matthew Cowley has clinched his spot in the second annual Mazda Road to Indy $200,000 Scholarship Shootout in Phoenix, Arizona.

Matthew Cowley

No. 80 Cardio Wall Team Pelfrey Mygale Honda

Qualifying 1: Started 11th / Finished 2nd

Qualifying 2: Started 2nd / Finished 2nd

Qualifying 3: Started 2nd / Finished 2nd

Qualifying 4: Started 2nd / Finished 3rd

Race 1: Qualified 3rd / Finished 1st

“The whole SCCA event was an enjoyable experience. There were so many notable moments during the race. F1600 racing is pack racing, so there are always battles, but the last lap was the most notable. There was so much going on the whole way through and especially the last half of the last lap. It was very enjoyable. It’s an amazing feeling to come out on top and show everyone what the F1600 Team Pelfrey cars can really do.”

Jonathan Kotyk

No. 81 Gap Guard Team Pelfrey Mygale Honda

Qualifying 1: Started 20th / Finished 3rd

Qualifying 2: Started 3rd / Finished 3rd

Qualifying 3: Started 3rd / Finished 4th

Qualifying 4: Started 4th / Finished 8th

Race 1: Qualified 8th / Finished 3rd

“The weekend went really well. Beginning of the week was tough due to the number of cars on track, however today I managed stay confident and drive the car up to the front. I was quite surprised how quickly I was able to drive up through the field from 8th to 1st where I was able to lead a couple laps. After that, it was a shuffle to the checkered flag. We missed it a little bit finishing in 3rd, but I was happy to work with Matthew [Cowley] to bring home a win at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. It was really important for us as a team to bring this home for Geoff [Bushor] and Team Pelfrey.”

Steve Oseth

No. 82 Quicksilver Team Pelfrey Mygale Honda

Qualifying 1: Started 26th / Finished 7th

Qualifying 2: Started 7th / Finished 7th

Qualifying 3: Started 8th / Finished 9th

Qualifying 4: Started 9th / Finished 12th

Race 1: Qualified 12th / Finished 6th

“Today was eventful. It was a survival race for me. I started in 12th and managed to get through some of the carnage to finish 6th. It’s nice to be able to come here and get in good equipment and be competitive. The F1600 Series is dear to my heart and it’s always nice to try and measure yourself against these kids who are completely fearless.”

Team Pelfrey and points leaders Matthew Cowley will be back in action at New Jersey Motorsports Park October 6-8 for the F1600 season finale. Cowley has a 63-point lead over Zach Holden heading into the tripleheader weekend. For media inquiries contact Chelsea Timmerman at or follow @TeamPelfrey on social media.

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